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Did You Know...?

Quirky Facts About Insurance, or Not, You May or May Not Know

  1. Did you know ice is at its slipperiest when it's between 26-32℉?

  2. Did you know the majority of speeding tickets DO NOT happen on the interstate?

  3. Did you know that staged homes spend 83% less time on the market than unstaged homes?

  4. Did you know Umbrella Insurance got its name from the literal protection an umbrella provides?

  5. Did you know your Home Policy (any form-Mobile, Renters, Condo) DOES NOT offer flood insurance and it cannot be added? Ask me about flood insurance.

  6. Did you know when renting your living space, the landlord's insurance does not cover damages to your belongings? Average cost of personal property damages in an apartment fire is $65,000.

  7. Did you know more than 40 states in the US are at risk of Earthquake Damage? Iowa is one of them, as The New Madrid Seismic Zone is in Missouri, not so far away.

  8. Did you know that Home claims associated to wind and hail are the most frequent?

  9. Did you know that Home claims associated to fire and lightning are the most expensive?

  10. Did you know if you have a college student, away at college, with no car, your insurance will give you a discount?

Alright everyone, I will continue to post regularly, Did you knows, as Facebook posts! If any of these trigger questions on your policy or just in general, feel free to contact me!

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